Sunday, February 26, 2006

LAS VEGAS... the cliff notes...

the good, the bad and the ugly...
well, have returned home safely from close to a week in vegas, living the life that is MAGIC...pimpin' the tiny...all in all it was pretty cool, very exhausting and quite the eye opener...anyway, here are the cliff notes for our week...

the all too fantastic FEW...craig, kena & jeremy...mojoware...doug & ass, ...the darling tim...babs...debris blanche aka lucky devil/lucky lil devil....hottie kevin from manifold...super rad suburban riot...dan...hippy chix...bally's...wretch...grand buffet!...super duper battistas...fancy fountains...travis barker...penny slots at the stylin' barbary coast...the bounty hunter...the pimp hands of inky& feet...russel simmons...the horror that is america west (never fly their skys)...sloppy,drunk booth crashers(respect sistas)...alcohol, alcohol everywhere...curators of art?purveyors of hipster hypocrisy?stealthy booth spies?(come on guys you are above that bullshit...all i can say is "i'm shocked")...juliano...crazy, energetic michelle...the interesting enigma that is rex...lots o' goodies from american apparel (bear, ruben, luddy, guys are the tops!!!)too many boys in pointy shoes...ass, ass everywhere (oops, think i covered that with team ass) skys...the dude who returned my money...and the list could go on and on...

To Every Season, Turn Turn Turn


have just arrived home from my whacked-out week in vegas and was greeted with very sad news...the passing of don of the first movies i ever got to see at the movie theatre was the apple dumpling gang and i remember laughing my ass off...not to mention the hours of andy griffith reruns that i occupied my time with and, of course, his acting piece de furley...sniff sniff

Sunday, February 19, 2006

viva las vegas, baby!

so, yeah, have been a bit lax keeping up the blog...there has been the madness getting ready for vegas and MAGIC...*flashes jazz hands*...keeping up with my day job...flat out no motivation to blog..and the OLYMPICS...yup, have been a little sucked in...particularly digging on snowboarding, the superG, and of course, the men's canadian hockey team...(shit, just found out they lost again...oops, erase this line from your mind if you were planning on watching the 9:00 sure there was at least 5 of you...).

anyway, believe it or not, i have never been to VEGAS...while we will be straight out with the tiny, i hope to get a chance to get sloppy whilst playing the slots and blowing on dice for some lucky craps, and hopefully wayne newton will flash me his junk(ha, not really...just wanted to see how much i could creep myself out by just writing that)...inky and brett will be joining us for our last two sure we will find some mischief...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ahhh, look at me, I'm a shattered...shattered...shadoobie...the trials and tribulations of a hockey hag

stunned, shell-shocked...could barely swallow my tuna wiggle...there it was in full technicolor...mikey and i sat down to dinner and the evening news... in just a few, brief seconds bob scheffer sent me spiralling...nauseau(not just from the wiggle), tunnel vision... wayne gretzky...gambling bust...flashed on the TV screen...i leapt to my feet and ran immediately to the computer...mikey flipped the channel to espn...i was distraught...nothing made sense...what does this mean??? my mind was racing...will wayne step down from the olympic team directorship...ugh...figures rick tocchet was involved...never trust anyone who has played for those philadelphia flyers...and then it all came together janet jones...god she sucks(please reference american anthem for further proof)...she took wayne away from edmonton (i don't care what anyone says) and now the bitch has disgraced the gretzky name with her bad ways...i personally love the supposed reaction from wayne:
Asked about her alleged involvement, Gretzky, head coach and co-owner of the Coyotes, replied: "Oh really? I don't know. You'd have to ask her that."
...that's right wayne, get thee to torino, pronto and don't look back!

in 4s...

have some free time during the pre-vegas madness as mikey completes our catalog to send off to press, so...i thought i would use this time to finally address my latest meme bitch-slap(sting, ouch, i'm it) from the ever lovely and engaging happy little atom...oops, sorry just dozed off for a sec...tom waits is currently serenading me from mikey's computer...damn, music that makes you want to move in slow motion, yet annoys the hell out of me at the same time...anyway i digress...yes, the 4 things about me meme...hold tight kids, here we go...

4 jobs i have had:

  1. childcare provider for a well-known politician that i will let remain nameless...this was during my early college was grand...even had his homemade apple sauce
  2. store bitch for a silversmith/jewelry designer...this old man was nuts, N U T S i tell you...would call me waverly, walked around with food in his beard all the time, was abusive towards his apprentice (who did all the work)and made me take the tags and names off other artisan's pieces so he could claim it was his work...he also tried to get me and my then bf to buy the business from him as long as he retained the name, the building, etc...and we paid him monthly tithings...he and i use to get into these knock down drag outs, yet somehow i still had affection for him (again the daddy complex thing...please reference my don cherry post)
  3. territory/accounts manager for the most INSANE toy company ever...let me tell you...the best way i can explain the atmosphere at this company (which i believe is currently sinking like a rat-infested ship) is kevin spacey-swimmingwiththesharks-esque...they would make us pay for our business trips (although i would lie and say i didn't have a credit card), call you at home(which i successfully avoided for 3 years until the bastard company president, dany, had worn down one of my poor, sweet field reps...he even made poor kevin dial the phone), dany would also call you at work while he was on the toilet, swear at you in lebanese, always talk to your boobs...and ...on top of it everyone in the toy industry hated us...we had to hide our badges when at the big javits international toy show...companys were constantly accusing us of knocking shit was easily the most painful 4 years of my life...i was often used as the person to make nice when things went bad with our accounts...although,thanks to this job, i did meet some of the most wonderful people in my life, and it inspired me to get my ass in grad school.
  4. personal assistant to one loopy,narcissistic woodswoman/author...was the summer i was finishing up grad school and i thought this could be really cool...i had read her books, been enthralled/sucked in by her tales of self-sufficiency and all out "grrrrrrlness"...well, let me tell you...she became possessive of me, wanted me to paint her toenails,do her laundry, make her lunch...and i had to sift through dozens of mice feces, mold infested boxes of fan mail and notes that encompassed 30 years of her life so she could "donate" it to cornell part of this was kinda cool, but what sucked was i had to read each of the letters out loud to her and then was instructed to pitch anything that seemed disparaging toward her...on the upside, she had the sweetest dogs in the world.
4 movies i can watch over and over again:
  1. Pillow Talk
  2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
  3. Heathers
  4. and kari, i concur...i too love love love Pee Wee's Big Adventure
4 places i have lived:
  1. chateaugay, ny...the happy castle
  2. burlington, vt
  3. stony brook/port jefferson/setauket, long island
  4. cinncinatus, ny...i always think of this time as the the heidi years(or rather year...i was 5, it seemed like years) know when she came down from the mountain to live with her relatives...sad, sad days...
4 TV shows i love:
  1. Pee Wee's Playhouse
  2. Get Smart
  3. Good Times
  4. The Office(america)
4 places i have vacationed:
  1. st. tropez, france (and yeah, i did have the ban de soleil tan going)
  2. zalaszentgrot, hungary
  3. london, england
  4. montreal, quebec(on many occassions)
4 of my favorite dishes:
  1. enchiladas suiza
  2. pad thai
  3. pan seared frois gras(yeah, yeah, peta people, back off)
  4. any curry!!!!!
4 sites i visit daily:(there are a lot more, though...ugh...)
  1. tiny (but not sure i can count this one as i am kinda a part of it...) so i will add a 1. a) edmonton sun
  2. LeLo in NoPo
  3. Used Hack
  4. boing boing
4 places i would rather be right now:
  1. hanging out with my sis
  2. drinking coffee, eating some bitchin' oatmeal, and smooching mikey at cafe reggio smooches...deelish
  3. 10th grade health class with hopee
  4. an oilers' game... drinking some molsons...right on
4 people i am tagging??!!??...shit no one ever does what i tell them to do...well for what it is worth...:
  1. LeLo
  2. inky
  3. dieselboi
  4. rigo

Monday, February 06, 2006

ain't love grand!!!!!!!!

just received this pic from my super duper little sister...congrats to my lil sis!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Puppy Bowl II...

seahawks...steelers...superduper YAWN...the PUPPY BOWL is what i'm talkin' bout...that's right 3 unadultrated hours of puppy athletic madness...and you know what?...there ain't just pooches, but pussies, too...that's the halftime show...all pussies on parade...if you missed out...enjoy some pics of the action...and however,it is all just a teaser...need more beasty bowl?...fear not, you can always buy the dvd for a mere 21.95...

national day of mourning...

well, if you are going to be wicked old and chomp on a cigar like that, you just know the days had to be numbered...
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