Wednesday, May 28, 2008

still in montpelier...

i am more in montpelier than i was (have changed my living situation) and i am more mindless (i am older and addled-brained from many cocktails and much stress) . life is different, no,... no children nor career changes nor marital status change (the things that most 30+ year olds normally consider change).

my mailing address has changed, whom i wake up with (or rather not with) is different, people have gone, pets have died, new people have come, i am adjusting to 600 sq ft from 1400 sq ft, i have become intimate with death, and i have fallen in love (although it is unrequited and that is ok... it still is something i am happy for as...prepare for the cheese...i didn't think i could fall in love like that again and i have found an incredible best friend), i am obsessed with reading and music again, and i am decidedly less angry...although should i decide to re-enter the blogosphere i will not doubt embrace that all too pithy and snarky side once again.


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