Sunday, February 19, 2006

viva las vegas, baby!

so, yeah, have been a bit lax keeping up the blog...there has been the madness getting ready for vegas and MAGIC...*flashes jazz hands*...keeping up with my day job...flat out no motivation to blog..and the OLYMPICS...yup, have been a little sucked in...particularly digging on snowboarding, the superG, and of course, the men's canadian hockey team...(shit, just found out they lost again...oops, erase this line from your mind if you were planning on watching the 9:00 sure there was at least 5 of you...).

anyway, believe it or not, i have never been to VEGAS...while we will be straight out with the tiny, i hope to get a chance to get sloppy whilst playing the slots and blowing on dice for some lucky craps, and hopefully wayne newton will flash me his junk(ha, not really...just wanted to see how much i could creep myself out by just writing that)...inky and brett will be joining us for our last two sure we will find some mischief...


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