Saturday, December 31, 2005

Being Saved by the Tube

ok, so Mikey and I are bizarrely drawn to this...can't stop staring at a train wreck or a meth-head getting his you in central vt, let us hook you up...JESUS BY JOHN
just scroll down the the ORCA public access page for the info! i am particularly taken by his adept interviewing skills and promises of hell-fire raining down on us, all whilst he drinks coffee from this big ass dunkin donut travel mug, which happens to drip all over his matted, rip vanwinkle (pssssssst...and for all you enviro friendly peeps, he merrily bikes about town espousing his wisdom).

ooo, and speaking of being saved by the tube...looks like Flava Flav has got his own version of the bachelor...good way to syphon off more of my already rapidly depleting brain cells.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Pre New Year Angst..., ok, here it is 12/30 and, uh, setting myself up for yet another holiday letdown...why can't this all be like in the movies or cool mag articles...scenesters gettin' their new year groove on...looking all anorexic and living the good life...groovy clothes...lots o' sex...???? need to make my own merriment, but again, this is montpelier and there is only so much big mikey can put out in a night...and only so much witicism with which we can entertain each other. the scene is dead here and since we are still waiting on our big pay out from urban outfitters it ain't like we can jet off to that cool party as promised in which ever hipster mag you pick up (plus, everyone would be annoyingly skinny and that is just a plain ol' buzz kill). so, i guess i will imbibe a few whiskey sours, try to keep alert enough to get some action before bed and then wake to yet another year...could also spend the evening playing with the MLP butterfly island lu-lu just, that sounds naughty...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

why, yes, that is italian glass...

my beautiful xmas gift from my beau!

ugh, i am a pseudo-hipster...if even

ok, this while it is my first post, is admittedly going to be my angry rant post...this, i pledge, will be allotted to me only once every say week and then i will titrate down to once every other and then hopefully i will be miss mary sunshine in the not too distant future... very tired of the whole hipster deal...yet, this is least i catch myself aspiring to it, altho i try oh so very hard not to appear as i am doing i so bland(uh, prolly kinda)???? you know what? (no, what, do tell...), i get this when i get my ass in a relationship where i actually am suppose to put others first...i free fall through a land of others' likes and musical tastes and then get this blank sorta numbed out disconnect when i try to just think of me. hmmmm...clue to me, get off my arse and get a life. first things first I NEED OUT OF MONTPELIER! i gots me some skills and a whole lot of education (for whatever the fuck that is worth)....i USE to be fun, now i just feel like this bitter pill...i mean i smile and joke with all around, but man, i am seething with discontent and resentment towardpeople i should not be feeling that way toward ...i guess pretty simple, uh, stop whining and get on with it, but hell this is my damn blog and i am going to just mire myself in my own, pitiable shit for a tad.
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