Saturday, December 31, 2005

Being Saved by the Tube

ok, so Mikey and I are bizarrely drawn to this...can't stop staring at a train wreck or a meth-head getting his you in central vt, let us hook you up...JESUS BY JOHN
just scroll down the the ORCA public access page for the info! i am particularly taken by his adept interviewing skills and promises of hell-fire raining down on us, all whilst he drinks coffee from this big ass dunkin donut travel mug, which happens to drip all over his matted, rip vanwinkle (pssssssst...and for all you enviro friendly peeps, he merrily bikes about town espousing his wisdom).

ooo, and speaking of being saved by the tube...looks like Flava Flav has got his own version of the bachelor...good way to syphon off more of my already rapidly depleting brain cells.


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