Friday, December 30, 2005

Pre New Year Angst..., ok, here it is 12/30 and, uh, setting myself up for yet another holiday letdown...why can't this all be like in the movies or cool mag articles...scenesters gettin' their new year groove on...looking all anorexic and living the good life...groovy clothes...lots o' sex...???? need to make my own merriment, but again, this is montpelier and there is only so much big mikey can put out in a night...and only so much witicism with which we can entertain each other. the scene is dead here and since we are still waiting on our big pay out from urban outfitters it ain't like we can jet off to that cool party as promised in which ever hipster mag you pick up (plus, everyone would be annoyingly skinny and that is just a plain ol' buzz kill). so, i guess i will imbibe a few whiskey sours, try to keep alert enough to get some action before bed and then wake to yet another year...could also spend the evening playing with the MLP butterfly island lu-lu just, that sounds naughty...


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