Thursday, December 29, 2005

ugh, i am a pseudo-hipster...if even

ok, this while it is my first post, is admittedly going to be my angry rant post...this, i pledge, will be allotted to me only once every say week and then i will titrate down to once every other and then hopefully i will be miss mary sunshine in the not too distant future... very tired of the whole hipster deal...yet, this is least i catch myself aspiring to it, altho i try oh so very hard not to appear as i am doing i so bland(uh, prolly kinda)???? you know what? (no, what, do tell...), i get this when i get my ass in a relationship where i actually am suppose to put others first...i free fall through a land of others' likes and musical tastes and then get this blank sorta numbed out disconnect when i try to just think of me. hmmmm...clue to me, get off my arse and get a life. first things first I NEED OUT OF MONTPELIER! i gots me some skills and a whole lot of education (for whatever the fuck that is worth)....i USE to be fun, now i just feel like this bitter pill...i mean i smile and joke with all around, but man, i am seething with discontent and resentment towardpeople i should not be feeling that way toward ...i guess pretty simple, uh, stop whining and get on with it, but hell this is my damn blog and i am going to just mire myself in my own, pitiable shit for a tad.


Anonymous superinkygirl said...

We need lots of psychiatric help for our teens here in Oregon...

6:57 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

I am an old lady and I say Rant on. That is what blogs are for. More power to you!!!

12:26 AM  

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