Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blow Me...

right on, so i have hit the nadir of my intellectually challenged, tv, mind-suck time...the third season of, you guessed it...BLOW OUT...this show has seriously rounded the bend of of uber-narcissism to all out douche-fest! i admit...mikey and i were sucked in the last 2 seasons, primarily b/c it was one big fucking, twisted train wreck to watch...and hey, it was about "doing good hair" and making "good product" after all...but good god almighty...this shit has devolved into an all out junior high drama... complete with hissy fits, counseling sessions and lots o' tears...dude, you are a middle-aged,bagillionaire, high school drop out...get a grip! ... and for the love of god someone do an intervention and get me the fuck off this crack... i am evidently not capable of doing something worthwhile during this time slot...and at the very least...someone get me the gig as his therapist b/c this bitch needs some heavy duty dbt...what a borderline personality he's got going on...but alas, i will no doubt be tuned into next tuesday b/c i am weak and i am nothing more than a pathetic voyuer...go me!


Blogger LeLo in NoPo said...

Maybe you need to try the Blow Out drinking game?

12:14 PM  
Blogger happy little atom said...

at least you're nowhere near the vacinity of his blow dryer...

4:30 PM  

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