Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bob Predicts....

2006 is just going to be a "...horrible year, just quite terrible in fact...". bob is my post office boyfriend...we have developed our relationship over the months of my daily tiny mail trips and i adore him. perhaps it is his curmudgeonly ways, my issues re father figures, whatever some analyst may say...
anyway, bob and i chatted about 2006 thus far and he rattled off just why he felt so vehemently that this year was going to [suck](my words, bob would never use such base language); bush still in office, all those poor soldiers still stuck in and returning home from iraq, the mess that iraq is, the shit with sharon and what this may portend for the middle east(i know there are varying opinions on this whole mess that i doubt us westerners can even begin to comprehend and i am by no means stating sharon was some hero...) and to say the least, the "damn cost of heating fuel"(direct bob quote). those were bob's biggies, that and interest rates as he is in the progress of building his eventual retirement home.

Some others i have spoken to have more hope for the new year (like my sis says, she kinda digs on even numbered years)...who knows...all i know am sure of at this point is we have to get that damn xmas tree down...think we have used up the 12 days already.


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