Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's official...2006 EST

so here we are, another pleasantly buzzed(note, if you could make out my eyes in this pic, you would see they are all glassed over) after numerous gts, appertifs and various chats with friends...which were quite nice...anna, bretty, rigo, and the dearest hugh... dinner with mikey was cozy, yet the meal mediocre, while the drinks were yum and the conversation well, a bit more serious than either of us hoped for, but that is okee dokee. so no resolutions here, never keep them. am warming myself with a whiskey sour...the drink of champions and dean martin and am off to further ring in the new year!!! happy happy everyone!!!...oh and by the way...waaaaaaaay too creepy with dick clark(god bless his rehabilitating soul) rockin' in the new year...had to quickly throw back my bourbon to make the pity go away.


Blogger LeLo in NoPo said...

Dick Clark's agent should be fired. That was frickin' pitiful sad. It hurt my buzz dammit!

8:57 PM  
Blogger mindlessgirl said...

no shit, it was the we were suppose to pretend it all was cool...ugh....grimmace, look away in shame and pity...

9:07 PM  

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