Thursday, January 19, 2006

afterall, we are all created in his image...

well, i came across yet anotheramusing, i must post a caveat here...perhaps this site is run by uber-christians, trying to compile info to create a super aryan nation, but nevertheless, they have provided me with the last 15minutes of heritage face regonition...what you do is you click on the free demo for face regonition (give some info...make it up if you want, it doesn't effect the outcome) and voila...the pic of your face is "scientifically scanned" and you are given your celebrities- through- the -centuries, i had to actually upload a number of pics before i got matches...i found that face forward shots work best, so i used this photo of me and my beau. the matches were as follows:
  1. michelle pfieffer(maybe from the grease II years...)
  2. courtney cox(had the hair cut, circa 1994)
  3. hillary swank(the nose thing)
  4. julianne moore(spot on...ha)
  5. drew barrymore(our girls are definitely matches, but that wasn't what was scanned)
  6. madonna(uh, sure)
  7. sandra bullock (perhaps we share similar tranny-like attributes or just the big noses thing again)
  8. isabella rosselini(of course during the lancome years)
  9. eva braun(well, duh...please that was a given)
  10. olivia newton john(its that we are both aussies and i am into getting physical)
now the more amusing and far more accurate ...
  1. pj harvey (he doesn't shave his pits and is fond of QOTSA, as well)
  2. anne frank(he has been known to hide in the closet, i mean, the attic...)
  3. edith stein(well he is devoted to the carmelites and when he dons his habit, i do see the similarity)
  4. eddie irvine(um, they like cars and bleaching their hair)
  5. boris karloff(big, lanky and creepy at times, but i loves him all the same)
  6. joaquin phoenix(the hairlip)
  7. shahid kapoor(the bollywood connection and the clear indian features)
  8. Nikolai Gogol(well, the brillance and the hair and 'stache, of course)
  9. Grace Kelly(classic beauty inherent)
  10. Lauren Bacall(the adams apple)
next step to the fun would be pairing up our personal pick is anne and eva...has love connection written all love...fighting the age and ethnicity piece, not to mention the fight of what societal prescripts deem as acceptable... of their same sex love...brilliant...couldn't be a more timeless and timely screenplay(plus we can coattail the whole brokeback mtn thing)...quick...let's throw it together and get it to provactive...


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